In May of 1997,
I purchased a one-way bus ticket to Florence, Oregon, on the Pacific Coast.  I was determined to walk from west to east across the United States of America.  After almost five years of walking and stopping to work in order to finance the walk (and last year, a year-long stop to marry Brandi,) we have reached
Grantville, Georgia.
You can send us e-mail on the road:
to Tom at:  walkingtom@gmail.com
or to Brandi at:  brandi@walkingtom.com
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Settling down in Daphne, Alabama.
The travelogues: about some of the people I have met, places I have seen, and things that I have experienced on my walk from Colorado to Georgia.  I didn't begin to log my trip using the internet until the summer of '98, so my journals as well as my pictures from the first part of my walk through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and the first half of Colorado are in storage and not on this site.
May 1, 2002:  Checking our pocketmail in Warm Springs